Chloeta provided Armed Security Officers (ASO) at multiple locations statewide in response to a Presidential Disaster Declaration.  Transition from the incumbent and ramp-up to full staffing was accomplished within one (1) week from contract award.  the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) came to Chloeta with an “urgent and compelling” need for armed security officers at locations statewide in Oklahoma including at numerous rural and remote locations in outlying areas of the state.  Chloeta conducted a kickoff with the client within two (2) business days of the award of this “urgent and compelling” contract and was fully staffed at all locations within another five (5) days after that.  This included recruiting, vetting, hiring, onboarding, training, equipping and deploying armed security officers statewide that could meet the rigorous DHS background check process required by the contract.  Chloeta excelled in this “immediate need” environment and provided initially approximately ten (10) armed security officers per 24-hr period statewide.  This is a prime example often repeated at Chloeta of our large business reachback combined with small business flexibility to rapidly solve difficult security problems for our clients that other vendors were unable to.

Examples of services successfully provided by Chloeta under this contract include: 

  • Performing random patrols of the building and parking lot, in addition to staffing a static post and checking all identification for all personnel entering and leaving the facility
  • Detected and deterred misconduct on a 24/7 basis at facilities located in Warr Acres, Tulsa and statewide at multiple rural and remote locations
  • Provided initial report of all incidents to FEMA Security Manager within 30-mins 
  • Accurately maintained all logs, reports and files of incidents and occurrences encountered on post and while on patrol
  • Provided the FEMA Security Manager with ongoing reports during events and a final report within one (1) hour of event conclusion
  • Served as the first responder for all alarm activations, emergency medical situations involving FEMA employees or visitors to the facility and any other emergency request for assistance
  • Reported immediately to the FEMA Security Manager any evidence of theft, misconduct and control issues identified while on patrol 
  • Provided clear, concise, legible, prompt and complete reports of all incidents and issues
  • Documented all patrol rounds made in the daily FEMA security log binder
  • Emailed log sheets weekly to the FEMA Security Manager for approval and payment supporting documentation 
  • Maintained control of access cards issued and returned them promptly when requested
  • Provided after-hours response to alarms and dispatch calls by the FEMA Security Manager
  • Provided coverage on-site until relieved by Warr Acres, Oklahoma City or Tulsa Police Departments when an incident occured 
  • Provided all access control services to federal facilities 
  • Secured the outer perimeter of the building for both crowds and traffic control, which included protestors on more than one occasion
  • Provided escort services to FEMA employees when requested from the facility to their vehicle or vice versa